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Do Foggers Kill Cluster Flies

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  • 28-10-2021
Do Foggers Kill Cluster Flies

Do foggers kill cluster flies? We discuss what smoke bombs & foggers are and how they can be used to dispose of cluster fly infestations.

You may have heard that foggers and smoke bombs are among some of the most effective preventive measures against cluster flies. But how effective are they? This article will go over why cluster flies are a problem, and how smoke bombs can help with cluster fly control.

What are Smoke Bombs & Foggers?

Do Foggers Kill Cluster Flies?

Since cluster flies will populate and infest your homes in areas that you don't see, such as your loft and attic space, it's important to deal with them in large numbers. This is where smoke bombs, foggers, and other fumigation devices come into play. 

Fumigation is a key preventive measure when dealing with flies, but especially a cluster fly infestation. Smoke bombs are able to quickly and efficiently fill a space with insecticide and permethrin smoke. This means that any infestation of cluster flies within loft spaces can be dealt with and other measures can be put into place to stop them from coming back.

Foggers are similar in that they are an aerosol ULV device. They don't need a flame to light, unlike some other forms of aerosol pesticides, and can be extremely effective at wiping out cluster fly population in your home.  

You're able to buy most forms of foggers and smoke bombs from hardware and pest control shops, but they should ideally be administered by a pest control professional. We offer such services and if you feel that you have cluster flies in your home, we can sort that out for you. Phone us today to start this process. 

Do Foggers Kill Cluster Flies?

Foggers and Smoke Bombs can be extremely effective in the killing of cluster flies and can work over larger areas and cover your entire loft when planned correctly. This typically needs to be executed by a pest control expert, as the chemicals can prove deadly to humans and the fumes need to be properly disposed of. The area needs to be well ventilated and any furniture must be protected or covered, and can sometimes take up to a day to dissipate.  

Smoke bombs require a flame to start, so provide more of a health risk and fire hazard than foggers, so be sure to consult a professional before doing this yourself. You are able to buy foggers yourself, either online or from a hardware/pest control shop, but you should at least seek advice beforehand, or preferably get a professional. Get in contact today if you want further information from a professional.   

However good any form of fogger may be at killing cluster flies, it will need multiple treatments to kill off future waves of flies. Although it can leave an odour and some fumes that will prove unappealing to flies, there is no guarantee that they won't continue to nest in your loft space.

In this instance, as you may be dealing with cluster flies at the same time every year, then you will find yourself more regularly getting a fogger or smoke bomb performed at your property. 

This is why this form of prevention is only productive when used in conjunction with other means; such as electrical fly killers and using aerosol pesticides within your home. These aerosol dispensers can be automatic and armed with killer cluster fly spray. 

Do Foggers Kill Cluster Flies?

With any preventive measure you take, your main concern and aim should be cluster fly population suppression. There is very little you can do to stop them from entering or even returning to your home, but suppressing the population you can do. 

Fumigation, or foggers, is your best bet against not only killing cluster flies but removing them in the future. Pest Expert Formula P fumers and Formula P foggers are going to help you achieve this and bring your home some peace once again.    

What are Cluster Flies?

What are Cluster Flies?

Almost all homeowners will suffer from some form of fly invasion over their lifetime, as flies are attracted to the way we live our lives. Our homes are full of warmth, food, and safety against the elements, so it's no surprise why flies are attracted to the home.

Cluster flies are no different and will be expected to invade the house around the colder months when the inside of our homes prove warmer than outside. This is why they choose to nest in areas such as our roof spaces and loft areas, as the warmth from central heating comes through. 

You'll be more likely to notice them from September onwards, but especially over the winter months. In rural areas, you're more likely to spot them also, as they choose to lay eggs in soil within fields.

To be able to differentiate cluster flies from other species such as bluebottle or the common housefly is easier than you think. Cluster flies are larger than houseflies, with adult flies ranging between 8-10mm. This means they are able to get through small cracks in our window frames and panes, which is why fly power and other insecticides must be laid down on such surfaces. 

They will appear darker than houseflies, with a sometimes gold patch of hair on their thorax. If you're unable to spot any of these, then you will likely notice their slower speeds, as they can appear much more sluggish than houseflies, moving slower even during flight. 

The problem of Cluster Flies:

Thankfully, cluster flies don't present too much of a health risk to humans by themselves. Unlike other species of fly, they don't carry as many diseases and can't spread illnesses such as E-coli by biting.

Many fly species will lay their eggs in human food, meaning that diseases can be spread by eating, but cluster flies don't do this either. 


Cluster flies will leave a large amount of faeces and excrement around your home and walls, and you will begin to notice a foul odour. 

 This, of course, can be unpleasant but can also lead to health issues if left unattended. 

This smell can attract other pests, allowing other species of fly, insects, and mice into your home, and then you're dealing with an infestation of many species.


This excrement can also be more deadly to food preparation areas and can lead to illnesses being spread around. 

 If you own a business or food company, and you believe there to be cluster flies around or in your property, then you should report this immediately.

Shut Down

If they are found to be a health risk to your business and be near the food preparation areas, then this can result in your business being shut down and potential health risks of customers.

Be sure to get in contact and we can talk you through the best steps to combatting your fly problem.

The disposal of cluster flies is also important, as they can stain furniture when crushed. If dead flies are left and not moved, then this can lead to pests being attracted to the decay. This is why many homeowners tend to opt for some form of electrical fly killer, as many models are equipped with a tray to safely and hygienically collect the dead flies. 

If you still have more concerns, then feel free to get in contact today and we can answer any questions you have. We offer a ULV fogging service and have years of professionalism and experience to help you with your fly pest problem. 

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