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We know how frustrating it is if you find you have an infestation of mice in your home. Mice are one of the most common pest species in the UK.

Health and Safety

Mice are continually gnawing to fit through gaps they are attracted to wood and electrical wiring, which in turn can lead to fire risks in your property.


Taking control of a mice infestation as soon as possible is vital as they can cause a considerable amount of damage, mice can damage insulation, pipes, doors, floorboards & they shred soft items for nesting.

Work Place

There are pathogens in the urine and faeces of mice; therefore, they can transmit diseases such as Hantavirus & Salmonellosis, they will also contaminate foodstuffs.

About mice infestations

The most common species of mice found in the UK, likely to create a nuisance for property owners are the house mouse and the field mous.

Female house mice generally have 5-10 litters per year, and the litter size ranges from 3-12 pups, but usually about five or six.

For an infestation of mice, we would always recommend using a professional pest controller. They have experience, knowledge and all the correct equipment to hand. Our business, Premier Pest Control, are professionals in the control and management techniques of the most effective mouse-proofing methods.

The first thing our pest controller will check is entry points where the mice get in. Mice can often get in through gaps as small as 5mm to gain entry.

Once located the entry points should be sealed up with wire wool embedded in quick-setting cement.Mice are a common problem, and if your neighbours get an infestation, the mice will likely access your property as well.

What attracts mice?

Mice are attracted to the food and shelter that your property provides, particularly through the cold winter seasons. The mice can smell leftover food that you have left on the kitchen tops or on the floor, and that’s what attracts them in. 

How Do Pest Control get Rid of Mice?

To get rid of mice, pest control use different control methods. To do this, they will firstly find the source of the problem; for example, how the mice are getting in and why they are getting in. Then, pest control will find the best way to prevent this from happening again. 

How Do Exterminators Get Rid of Mice?

Exterminators get rid of mice using pesticides and toxic chemicals, which can be harmful to the mice. Although they do get rid of the mice, they don’t use any control methods to prevent them from coming back, which means it is possible to have another mice infestation. 

Controlling A Mouse Pest 

There are different methods and products available for eliminating mice; however, we will assess your situation and give you good advice on the most effective treatment.

Eliminate Entry Points

Firstly, you need to find all the entry points where the mice are getting into your property, and close them up. You would be surprised at how small some entry points are needed- some can squeeze through holes are small as 10mm in diameter. Behind cabinets/plumbed in kitchen appliances are popular culprits.


We can set up a variety of different trap types around the home. Various traps work on different mice. Glue boards, snap traps, and the different kinds of live capture traps will help control smaller populations. Using this process means you don't have to have any harmful chemicals around your home.


Bait stations are similar to traps, but they kill rodents by providing easily accessible poisoned food. Some people might not see the value in these stations. It might seem like they would attract more pests than they kill, but their effects on a nest or colony are impressive, killing the rodents quickly over time.

Fumigation for Mice

Fumigation is where a room or an area is completely filled with pesticides, which will poison the pests. This is often a last-resort strategy as the chemical used are also toxic to humans and pets. The condition of the home will also affect the effectiveness of this method.

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