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Some birds which are categorised as pests are; House Sparrows, Collared Doves, seagulls, starlings and pigeons. Pigeons are one of the pests of the bird species and can cause a lot of problems with health and damage, and may also have legal implications on some businesses.

Pigeons enjoy the living in the city and other urban areas, where they can easily find food from the leftovers people throw away in the rubbish bin. This is where pigeons pick up diseases, and also pick up other pests such as fleas and lice. More often than not, if you find one pigeon in your home or workplace, they'll be more, which is known as an infestation.

Why is a Pigeon Infestation Dangerous?

If you do have a pigeon infestation, please get in touch with our company today! Here are some examples of why pigeon infestations can be dangerous, and why bird control is so important:

Health and Safety

Pigeon infestations can cause a lot of health risks, as they carry diseases which can be spread through their droppings. This is because droppings are an environment for fungal growth. They could also be covered in other pests such as lice, ticks and fleas.


If you have a pigeon infestation in your home, they will build a nest which may cause a blockage in your pipes or chimney flue. This could be a fire hazard, cause floods, and the pigeons themselves could also cause a lot of damage to your furnishings and other household possessions. 

Work Place

Having a pigeon infestation in your commercial property can cause businesses to shut down, as they can cause health risks by carrying diseases. Pigeons can also contaminate food which makes them very dangerous if you work in food environments, and could lead to legal implications. 

Pigeon Problem? We Can Help

It is essential to get in touch with a trained professional, and specialist in the industry, for help when dealing with a pigeon infestation, as we have years of experience and knowledge of how to get rid of the infestation and prevent it from happening again. 

Our job is to find solutions to the problem, as well as getting rid of it, which involves treatment options, proofing (closing up any cracks in the wall, or other entry passages for pests), and other bird control services. Bird control involves using different methods to prevent birds from wanting to land, settle or nest in your property. 

These methods can be using chemicals, or even deterrents, such as:


Trained predators to scare the specific bird species


Scarecrows, models or pictures that may stop the birds wanting to land


Smells or textures that the birds aren't attracted to

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