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Our rat pest control, Staffordshire, is an excellent service undertaken by professional pest control specialists with expert knowledge and years of experience in the industry. If you find one rat, you more than likely have an infestation, which needs attention as soon as possible. Also, some pests can be dangerous and can have aggressive behaviour traits.

If you do have a rat infestation in your house or garden, or you are worried about getting one, please call us today!

Why is a Rat Infestation Dangerous?

There are many reasons why rat infestations can be dangerous. However, don't worry, because here at Premier Pest Control, we are always on hand to help! Here is why rat pest control is important:

Health and Safety

Rats carry a lot of diseases due to their habitats. For example, they are drawn to rotten food and rubbish bins. They also leave droppings everywhere, even where you are preparing food which can lead to health problems. 


For a residential property, there is a fire hazard risk, as rats chew through electrical cables. Rats can also cause damage to your home by leaving droppings everywhere and gnawing through your furnishings and other possessions. 

Work Place

Rats are a huge problem for commercial properties, as they could lead to the business having to close, and could also lead to legal implications. Rats contaminate food, spread diseases and can gnaw through electrical wires, cables and pipes causing floods and fires. 

Rat Problem? We Can Help!

When you get a rat infestation, we highly recommend acting quickly before the infestation grows. For this reason, here at Premier Pest Control, Staffordshire, we offer a fast one day service to get rid of your pest problems and put control methods into place to stop the infestation happening again. 

How Does Pest Control get Rid of Rats?

Pest control gets rid of rats using control methods, by firstly finding out how and why the rats are infesting your property. Below, you’ll find a step by step guide for how pest control get rid of rats. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today, here at Premier Pest Control. 

Finding the root of the problem

We will inspect the situation, and work out how and why the rats are coming into your property. This includes inspecting the condition of the walls, determining the attraction factors etc.

Dealing with the problem

Next, we will seal up the holes in which the rats are getting into your property to prevent them from being able to come back in. We also set up traps, and use food that attracts them to catch the rats, and we will also sanitise the area to ensure no diseases will be spread.


We use treatments, biological control methods, repellents and deterrents to stop the infestation coming back again, and we can also use these methods to stop you getting infestations of other pests.

Clean-Up & Aftercare

Lastly, pest control will clean up the room, and put any control methods in place to prevent the rats from coming back, including expert advice and tips. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pest Control get Rid of Rats?

Firstly, our pest control professional needs to locate the rats and work out how they are getting into your property. They usually use a method known as exclusion, which is where they make it really difficult for the rats to get in, by covering up the hole which they are getting through.

Steps for Getting Rid of Rats

Inspection: Firstly, pest control do an inspection of your property to find out where, why and how the rats are getting in.
Exclude Points of Entry: Next, all the entry points will be covered up to stop rats from being able to come into your property again.
Elimination Techniques: Now, pest control will decide the best elimination techniques to get rid of the rats in your home. These techniques usually include: Baits/Traps, Ultrasonic, Rodenticide, Tracking Powder, Fumigation.
Clean-Up: Lastly, pest control will clean up the room, and put any control methods in place to prevent the rats from coming back, including expert advice and tips.

What Causes Rat Infestation?

There can be many causes for rat infestation. Rats are attracted to the smell of food, so if you leave food lying around, they will invade your property. Another major cause of rat infestations is poor sanitation, and not cleaning or looking after your property.

How do I Know if I Have a Rat Infestation?

If you start to notice that your furniture or other materials around your house have been bitten through, this can be a sign of a rat infestation, as they love to gnaw on plastic and wood. You may also see large holes, where the rats have gnawed away to get through to your property. If you spot any of these signs, it is essential to get in touch with a professional as soon as you can.

Will Rats Leave on their Own?

Rats won't usually leave on their own, as if they know they have a consistent source of food, they will want to keep that going for as long as possible. However, if you remove their constant source of food, then they won't want to stay there anymore.

If there is one rat, does that mean there are more?

It is most likely that you will have more rats if you happen to spot one, as they like to move around together. Rats will also start to breed, and therefore produce more rats that will also remain in your property.

How Can I Keep Rodents out of my House?

Here are a few tips for keeping rodents out of your house:
-Fill in any holes, cracks or gaps in the wall, as this will make it harder for rats to get in.
-Don't leave any food on display, as they are after a consistent food supply, and they are attracted to the smell.
-You can set traps, using bait, around your property.
As soon as you spot a rat, get in touch with a professional pest control company.

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